Trading Psychology


How ego kills winning traders?

Many successful Traders are taking trading decisions by doing lots of analysis, building strategies, back testing scenarios and study various behavioral patterns of the market, but still failed many times, Why? It is because of their EGO, stopping them to follow trading discipline. Ego in Trading, How? A successful Trader does a lot of analysis

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Overseeing emotions can lead to more considered trading

  Many investors, particularly the individuals who often trade, understand the significance of remaining over market trends and precisely checking their risks. However, a considerable lot of these same investors make trading decisions based on instincts or emotions, rather than careful analysis or reasoning. When markets are unstable, emotions like concern and fear can sometimes

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Mark Douglas

What Traders Can Learn from Mark Douglas?

Mark Douglas, one of the greatest authors of trading psychology tried to stress to traders in order to help them achieve consistent profitability. He wrote the book which is famous among the trading community “Trading in the Zone”. We can all learn something from Mark – he has dedicated his life to help people mentally and emotionally with their trading.