How to Analyse Derivatives Data for Identification of Stock Trend

How To Analyse Derivative Data
Saturday, 21.July.2018
04.00 PM - 07.00 PM


Derivatives Trading has been one of the principal occupations of many market aspirants since derivatives were introduced in India in 2001. The derivatives market has seen the evolution from equity to commodities to currency to interest rate futures. However, equity derivatives have remained the largest trading financial asset in India.
Derivatives, as the name suggests, derives its value from the underlying. However, there are instances when derivatives position understanding would indicate a possible trend in the underlying. A sound understanding of all relevant derivative analytics tool will help a derivatives trader to excel in the market. The webinar on how to analyse derivatives data identification for stock trend gives you details about all relevant derivative analytics tool.


• To make the participants understand all relevant tool to identify a trend in the underlying.

What You Will Learn

• Different category of derivatives data
• Capturing and structuring derivatives data
• Identifying trend using the data and analysis
• Case studies


• Basic understanding of Derivatives and Excel


Mr.Vivek Bajaj - MBA (IIM Indore); ACA; ACS; M.Com. Co Founder StockEdge

About the Mentor

Mr.Vivek Bajaj has been trading derivatives since 2002. He is the co-founder of one of the largest proprietary trading desks in India with over 150 traders. He is also co-founder of and StockEdge app. He is part of various committees of exchanges and has been an active contributor in the evolution of Derivative Market in India. He has been a speaker at various colleges and higher institutions including IIT and IIMs.
Vivek is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and also holds the Post Graduate Management degree from IIM Indore.



Mr. Vivek Bajaj
MBA-IIM Indore; ACA; ACS; M.Com.
Co Founder StockEdge