Essential Technical Analysis Webinar

2 days trading bootcamp by e-learn-markets - AHMEDABAD
04.00 PM - 07.00 PM


Technical analysis (TA) is an important tool in today's market environment. The participants in the market have to make either of the two decisions, whether to buy or to sell. Technical analysis helps you to buy or sell at appropriate price and time junctures based on dynamics of the market. Whether you are a very short-term trader trading on the intraday basis or you are an investor for the longer term, technical analysis is an essential part of the toolkit for a modern market participant.
TA is a very vast subject. However, there are certain aspects of technical analysis which you can learn and apply effectively in a small amount of time to transform your perspective of the market. This will make your decision making much easier.


This one day 3 Hrs webinar (1.5 hour -15 min break-1.5 Hour) is all about essential aspects of technical analysis that can improve decision making in the dynamic market environment.
This covers a wide range of topics in a simple way so that you can kick start analyzing the market in a much better way.
The webinar will empower you so that you can take your decisions on your own based on conviction of knowledge and logic.

What You Will Learn

1. Dow theory
2. Different classical chart patterns
3. Different candlestick patterns
4. Selected technical indicators
5. Fibonacci retracement and extensions
6. Method of using technical indicators in combination- building trading strategies
7. Using technical analysis in option charts


There is no prerequisite for any prior knowledge of this webinar. Intended participants include learners with a basic understanding of the equity or commodity market.


Souradeep Dey B.E. (Info Tech), MBA (Finance), Trader & Trainer

About the Mentor

Souradeep Dey - B.E. (Info Tech), MBA (Finance), has rich experience of 8 years as an equity and commodity trader and trainer. He has worked as a crude oil trader for 3 years for FuturesFirst, trading in the ICE exchange, Europe. Technical analysis is his area of interest and he is involved in developing trading algorithms.

Souradeep Dey - B.E. (Info Tech), MBA (Finance) Trader & Trainer


Mr. Souradeep Dey
B.E. (Info Tech),
MBA (Finance) Trader
& Trainer

Vinay Pagaria,FCA, DISA(ICAI)


Mr. Vinay Pagaria
Co-Founder StockEdge