Intra-Day Trading Strategy that Earns

Intraday Trading Strategies that Earns
Saturday, 19.May.2018
01.00 PM - 04.00 PM
Online Webinar


Intra-day trading strategies that earns require far more dedication and discipline and therefore the technique and decision making for this trade should be simple and robust. In this webinar, we introduce a simple yet efficient way in which you will be able to answer which stock to buy or sell, and where to exit and book profits. This profitable trading strategy is based on sentiment, trend, and momentum.


• To pinpoint exactly which stocks to buy or sell for a particular trading day.
• Objective based trading decisions to be made with a complete focus on trades and not the market.
• To demonstrate that how with some discipline and method, profitable intra-day trading is very much a possibility and not a myth.

What You Will Learn

1. Students will Learn a disciplined approach towards profitable intra-day trading.
2. Students will learn how to pick stocks to buy or sell and levels beyond which you should place your orders and execute your trade.
3. Students will understand how to scan the market and look for the best trading opportunities within 15mins of market opening.


Abhijit Paul-B. Sc., MBA (Finance), Expert Analyst at CNBC

About the Mentor

Abhijit Paul likes to define himself with the 3is – investor, instructor, and influencer. With over 13 years of experience in the Indian Financial markets, he has played pivotal roles in institutions like ICICI Securities and BRICS Securities, Mumbai.

Currently, he is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst (Registration# INH 300003512) and offers unparalleled services to his client. He believes in context to be more important than content which reflects in his offerings like alphaBETS, WealthBees.

He has been an active trainer in the subject of technical analysis and trading for over 12 years and visits various business schools and institutions like NSE Academy, NIBM Pune, BIBS Kolkata, India Infoline, Kredent Academy & elearnmarkets. He personally conducts offline and online programs like 10XBootCamp and Qualified Market Trader (QMT), which are both unique path-breaking workshops in designing and implementing different types of trading strategies.

He is also a regular face on business channels like CNBC, Zee Business, Bloomberg & CNBC Awaaz, where he shares his views on the markets and Indian economy.



Mr. Abhijit Paul
B. Sc., MBA (Finance) Expert Analyst at CNBC

Vinay Pagaria,FCA, DISA(ICAI)


Mr. Vinay Pagaria
Co-Founder StockEdge