The Lines Never Lie

The Lines Never Lies

The Lines Never Lies

Saturday, 19.January.2019
03.00 PM - 05.00 PM
Online Webinar


Knowing correct methods for trend lines, Channels and Classical Chart Patterns - how to draw, significance, purpose, using them for profitable trading.


• Trendlines are widely used by market participants to judge support and resistance. But price movement is always not very precise and often deviate at turn-around points. It is very important to know the correct methodology to draw a proper trend line to avoid confusion and have clarity about support and resistances of the stocks.
• Drawing multiple trendlines near congestion zones gives rise to channels and classical chart patterns which has very important significance in terms of trading profitability.
• The objective of the webinar is to have a clear understanding of the rules through which one can correctly and confidently use the trendlines, channels and classical chart patterns with ease in trading.

What Will You Learn?

• Correct methodology to draw trendlines by selecting correct points of turn around.
• Application of the concepts of channels.
• Application of the concept of a few classical chart patterns in the context of overall price movements.


• Anybody can attend with little or No knowledge about technical analysis.


Mr.Thoviti Brahmachary -Technical Analyst, Head, ATMA, Hyderabad Chapter, Financial Journalist, Columnist, Television Host

About the Mentor

Mr T. Brahmachary is a renowned Technical Analyst, Television Host, Financial Journalist. He has over 25 years of experience in analyzing stock markets. He has been practicing Technical Analysis since 2000 and trained over 4000 traders across India.
Currently, he is the ATMA Hyderabad Chapter head and associated with Namasthe Telangana Daily Newspaper as Business Editor. He has been closely following and reporting economic reforms and market forecasts in various newspapers, magazines and electronic media.
He holds three Masters degrees in various disciplines - Journalism, Political Science and Business Administration along with a PG Diploma in Financial Management.



Mr.Thoviti Brahmachary
Technical Analyst, Head of ATMA

Vinay Pagaria,FCA, DISA(ICAI)


Mr. Vinay Pagaria
Co-Founder StockEdge