Price Action Traders Program-Bengaluru

TRADEx event
27.January.2018 - 28.January.2018
09.00 AM - 06.00 PM
The Fern Citadel Hotel
No. 41, Seshadri Road, Ananda Rao Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India.


An unique price action traders program fueled with Fundamental analysis.
This program is designed to empower participants with needed skills to pick up fundamentally strong stocks for potential reversal with unique price action strategy.

Join our our two days workshop to master technicals and fundamentals in a single program.

What will you learn?

1) Combination of best in class Fundamental and Technical Rules
2) Trade only with Price as it is a only leading indicator and learn how to trade exact reversals.
3) Analyse only 1-2 hrs per day to earn 5-10% per month.
4) How to think in probabilities and why position sizing is very important?
1) Stress free way of positional trading without disturbing your current profession
2) Life time membership in private group for support
3) No prior knowledge of technical or fundamental analysis is required
4) Stop looking for tips and generate your own trades

Mentors :

1)Shashank(Travel trader)-Unique Price action
2)Ashok(Techno-Funda)- Fundamental analysis

About Mentors:

Ashok Kumar A (Ashoka Devanampriya) is the founder director of Cautilya Capital. He is a seasoned stock market investment professional with a decade of experience in investing and trading. He preaches the concept of Techno Fundamental Analysis of stocks to generate better returns and long term financial growth in Indian equity markets. He is also an algorithmic trader in the Indian derivative markets.