Unique Price Action Traders Workshop – Mumbai

TRADEx event
20-January-2018 - 21-January-2018
09.00 AM - 06.00 PM
Hotel Parle International
B. N. Agarwal Market, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057


Travel Traders Unique price action workshop is all about how to trade with price alone with naked charts without any indicators. Price action is quickest form of technical analysis.No more colorful lagging indicators which will give you entries when price already started moving. Learn to trade without news and volumes as price discounts everything.

Forget about conventional technical analysis which is there in all books learn the new and effective way to read charts with pinpoint accuracy.
No more conventional technical analysis like
1) price patterns (Head and shoulders, Triangle breakouts, double bottom and tops )
2) No more colorful lagging indicators
(Rsi, cci, bollinger bands and many. Forget about indicators )
3) No data reading of OI
4) No complicated harmonics and elliot waves.
Learn new way of technical analysis in our workshops

Invest your life- changing hours to learn:
1) Why price moves and how to get benefited with high probability opportunities?
2) How to find precise reversals with price action with pinpoint accuracy.
3) Trading for living or living to trade? How to keep your system simple yet effective. Just analyze 1-2 hours a day and learn to get 5-10% returns on capital per month.
4) How to think in probabilities and why position sizing is very important.

1)A Stress-free way of trading without disturbing your current profession.
2)Stop looking for tips and generate your own income.
3)Entry in a private group for support after the workshop.
4)Rules will be applicable for any instrument Future, cash, commodity, current and forex
5)No special softwares are required

Mentor : Mr. Shashank (unique price action) from Travel Trader

About Mentor:

Shashank is the founder of Telegram channel Travel Traders. He is price action trader who focus on generating maintenance and stress-free income from the stock market. He is also option writer in Indian derivatives.