Finding the Next Big Winner with the Help of MACD Indicator

03.00 PM - 05.00 PM


The Webinar's main objective is to trade with the market trend. Risk reward is the main focus of webinar. For positional client risk-reward of more than 1:5 and 1:7 is easily possible. This course is great for beginners who are still learning the financial markets.

This is a comprehensive strategy for profiting from low-risk, high-probability technical entries on any chart interval.

A trader who is willing to commit to creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure that they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades.

Beginner, intermediate and professional stock, option and index traders in search of a method for consistently outperforming traditional investments and managing risk.

Note: The webinar will be bilingual


• Understanding price discovery
• Understanding of MACD indicator
• Finding buying & selling power with MACD
• When to use MACD divergence to your advantage
• Question & Answer session

What You Will Learn?

• The participants will learn about MACD
• They will learn to apply this indicator for stocks to know if the stocks can be a big winner.
• The importance of MACD as both a trending and Anti trending tool.


Mr. Chetan Panchamia (B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets), Full-Time Professional trader

About the Mentor

Mr. Chetan Panchamia (B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets) has the experience of being 17 years in the markets starting from front office to fundamentals research before moving to the technical side and specializing in options trading and is presently a full-time Professional trader focusing on index options. He has written various articles for and has given lectures in various institutes like IIFT and St. Xavier's College.

Chetan Panchamia,(B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets)


Mr. Chetan Panchamia
B.COM,Diploma in
Capital Markets
Full-Time Trader

Vinay Pagaria,FCA, DISA(ICAI)


Mr. Vinay Pagaria
Co-Founder StockEdge