Investment Opportunities – Identify long-term trends

Investment Opportunities - Identify long-term trends

Investment Opportunities - Identify long-term trends

03.30 PM - 05.30 PM


How do you see the world 10 years from now? What are the changes that you anticipate? Which organisation is thinking of being a catalyst to these changes? What are the problems you are constantly facing today? Is there any company working towards a solution to your problem?

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• Reminisce some of the path-breaking long-term trends of the past and associated companies that has created investor wealth.
• Identify future long-term trends that are sustainable.
• The scope of the market identified and competitive analysis.

What You Will Learn?

• The trends that are envisaged to materially change the incumbent.
• Companies listed on Indian stock exchange that are beneficiaries of this analysis.
• Distinguish between the opportunistic companies (to exploit the trend) and the genuine ones.


Mr. Rishi Maheshwari Co-founder of AKSA Capital

About the Mentor

Mr. Rishi Maheshwari is in the business of making people wealthier. In his business, the rich get richer and the not so rich gets an opportunity to become one. He is the co-founder of AKSA Capital, an advisory firm that manages equity portfolio of individuals, HNIs, family offices, offshore entities,etc. He has 13 years of investing experience in domestic Institutions like ENAM AMC, Exide Life Insurance, Axis MF and BanyanTree Group. Prior to his current role as an equity advisor, he was the Chief Executive Officer of BanyanTree Bank based out Mauritius.

Rishi Maheswari


Mr. Rishi Maheswari
Co-founder of AKSA Capital