What Will You Learn?

Mutual funds offer the best investment options to investors for the following reason

1) Professional management

2) Transparent Pricing

3) Disclosure norms

4) Better Investment returns

5) Tax advantage in terms of dividend income and capital gains.

6) Ease of liquidity

Risk profiling is the first step before investing. Every individual can have different expectation to returns and tolerance to risk.
So one has to profile what best suits him and then decide the allocation. Every asset allocation is a different type of animal by its behavior. The general classification include

1) Cheetah – Very aggressive Investors who can take very high risk

2) Lion – Aggressive investors can take all equity risk

3) Deer – Moderately aggressive risk taker

4) Hare – Moderate risk taker with some exposure to Debt and Equity

5) Tortoise – Moderately conservative Risk take with large portion in Debt than in Equity

6) Caterpillar – Conservative Investors who will invest only in short term & long term debt

You can learn more about these animal characteristics to find out the shades of risk before understanding the returns grade
Any Investment should look to beat inflation and taxes. Mutual Funds offer tax benefits under sec 80C and lesser tax incidence on capital gains and dividends when compared to other asset class . Learn more about how mutual funds help save tax while investing and how you pay less tax on gains through this session
For any investments to meet your goal, you need to learn and unlearn some basic facts. Some examples

1) Mutual fund are very riskier asset class

2) Short-term trends does matter

3) “Time in market” is more important than “timing the market”

4) Mutual funds is all about Equity


Balaji G K

Mr. Balaji GK, B. Tech, MBA

He has over 25 years of Investment Management and Advisory Services.

He has worked as Merchant banker, Forex, Debt and Capital Market specialist in the initial years. Has worked in Templeton and Sundaram AMC before building his career as Portfolio and Investment Manager handling over 4000 Crores of Corporate, HNI’s and retail Investors. He currently serves as Head- Distribution, Tradejini Financial Services P Ltd, Bangalore that offers Online Trading and Mutual Fund Investment services.

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