Traderz Hut's Day Trader Workshop

Our Day Trader Workshop intends to help traders equipped with simple yet powerful day trading tested proved strategies to be a successful Day Trader.

19-20 January 2019


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Course Struture

We will hand hold you in your journey to become a successful Day Trader.

It is proven that having right frame of mindset and know what suits an individual is the key to be a successful Day Trader. Thus, we intend to help you in building the same to be successful to earn consistent income and create wealth.


It is said that, always trade with the trend never fight against it. Thus, it’s pivotal to identify the trends and ride them successfully so we help you in doing the same.


The importance of patterns lies inside them. We will uncover the myth behind power patterns with indicators and revamp them in advanced way to apply successfully in real time markets in your Day Trading.


It is always important to select right stock to be a successful trader and the right strategy to trade. Thus, we teach simple effective proven consistent money making strategies and methods.


To achieve something in life or profession, we need to have goal to aim then a plan to hit the target and execute in an efficient way. Thus, we at Traderz Hut enrich you with powerful and simple methods to set your goal, plan your strategies and execute them in a successful way.


The program stress mainly on developing mindset to achieve consistency in successful day trading by helping traders build the frame of mind tailor made to their needs as to be successful Day Trader it requires a right strategy as well as mindset.


Course Contents

Day Trader Workshop - Mr. Raju Angadi Vishwanath

• 8 – Reasons: why Day Traders lose money and How to avoid them?
• Trading in the Zone
• Trends: Identification and riding them
• Price Action Strategy
• Power Patterns: Revamped & advanced application
• Indicators & Oscillators: Revamped & advanced application
• 2 – Easy & effective Stock selection Methods
• 3-Effective tested Day Trading Strategies
• Bank NIFTY weekly Multi-fold return strategy
• Goal Setting, Planning & Execution

Trading Systems - Mr. Rajandran

• Introduction to Trading Systems
• Algo Trading : Overview
• 3-Effective tested Day Trading Strategies



Mr. Raju Angadi Vishwanath, MS, CFT

Raju Angadi Vishwanath, MS, CFTe(Chartered Financial Technician, IFTA) founder of Traderz Hut, an industry expert with more than a decade of expertise in equities, commodities and currencies technical analysis research is a Trader, Trainer & coach.

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Mr. Rajandran, Full Time Trader in the Indian markets.

Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls and co-founder of Traderscafe, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

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Pro Trader workshop helped me to develop my trading skills and earn consistent money over a period. As I built a proper trading plan with a disciplined mindset from the mentor Raju with his expertise handheld me in my trading journey. Thanks to him for my trading success.

- Abhi, Coimbatore

The Day Trader Workshop I attended from Mr. Raju has helped me to learn successful day trading strategies in a simplified way. As a beginner I started making money consistently. Thanks.

- Hajira, Canada

I attended Pro Trader Workshop from Traderz Hut and now having joined the community of live traders workshop I am able to learn the real-time strategies of trading and thus it has helped me evolve as a trader to successful trading.

- Sahana, Bangalore

I attended [P] Square Elliot Waves workshop of Raju , which helped me learn Elliot Waves in simple objective way. The way he mentors in a simple approach has given me the edge to trade and invest using Elliot wave.

- Vamshi, Guntoor

Thank you very much for conducting the chennai meet and I am proud to one of the participants.I gained a lot.I never backtested my trades and that is the major failure.Thank you for guiding.

- Jagannathan, Tamil Nadu

Thanks a lot for a wonderful workshop. We had great learning from the workshop. I would recommend to all the system trading enthusiastic to attend your session as there is lots of valuable information to learn about.

- Vishal Metha, Mumbai

Program Takeaways

5- Easy steps to become a successful trader & earn regularly

Weekly Bank NIFTY option Strategy
Learn Bank NIFTY weekly Option Trading Strategy and Earn multi-fold returns

AlgoTrading automated strategy for NIFTY & Bank NIFTY
Get algoAuto Trading strategy on NIFTY & Bank NIFTY for 1-month

LEAP – Live Online Trading Room
Learn real time trading strategies via Live Online Trading Room with the Trainer for 1 – month
Apply all strategies learned in workshop live with mentor Learn Earn & Prosper - LEAP

Join our Telegram Group & get trading ideas
Join our Telegram Group & Get access to low risk high probable trade setups in NIFTY, BANK NIFTY and stocks for 2 – months

Join Traderz Hut Inside community & learn
Get access to Traderz Hut insider community discussion forum
Get real-time trading and investment ideas with charts from mentor posted in discussion forum
Interact with fellow traders and learn while you earn

Trade Quest Weekly Webinar – Know forthcoming week trading ideas
Get access to Trade Quest Weekly video
Find the forthcoming weekly trends and trade setups on NIFTY, Bank NIFTY, Crude Oil, Gold, Currency & stocks for 2-months

Weekly Newsletters – Know forthcoming week trends
Get Access to Weekly Newsletters with trend and trade setup NIFTY, Bank NIFTY, Crude Oil, Gold, Currency & stocks for 2-months

Wealth Doctor
Get your portfolio reviewed by the Expert
Have 1-1 consulting with the mentor and get designed blue print of your tailor made trading planand investment strategy as per your needs


Power Packed Course

Course Details Price
Pro Trader Workshop Rs.14,000
Master Bank NIFTY weekly option strategy & earnmulti X returns Rs.6,000
Join Live online Trading Room & learn trading strategies with mentor for 1-month Rs.10,000
Get Auto Trading system on NIFTY & Bank NIFTY 1-month Rs.18,000 P/A
Join Telegram Group &get trading ideas NIFTY, Bank NIFTY & stocks for 2-months Rs.5,000 P/M
Get access to Traderz Hut insider community for 1 – year Rs.6,000 P/A
Get access to Weekly Trade Quest Webinar for 2 – months Rs.2,000 P/M
Get weekly Newsletters & know forthcoming trends for 2-months Rs.2,000 P/M
Get portfolio reviewed by expert & get designed trading strategy with 1-1 consulting Rs.5,000



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19-January-2019 - 20-January-2019

10.00 AM - 06.00 PM


2nd Floor, No 75/757, Vasavi Square,

10th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011