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           You know that Market Profile is one of the best tool to organize market generated information and help in spotting intraday and positional trading oppurtunities. At Marketcalls we use Market Profile extensively to spot discretionary trade setups(Day trading/Positional). If you want to learn Market Profile one step better then this course is for you.

Better Trading Framework
Better Trading Framework

Learn the basic and advance concepts in Market Profile. Be the market expert of your own.

Secret to Success
Secret to Success

We believe there is no secret sauce for quicker success. Learn the unholy grail concepts and better trading strategy design principles.

Make Ideas Happen
Make Ideas Happen

Learn to organize market profile information thereby taking better and smarter trading decisions. Differentiate yourself from other traders one step better.

Introduction to Auction Process and Auction Market theory.
Introduction to Market Profile / Volume Profile.
Basic Building Blocks of Market Profile (TPOs, Initial Balance, Value Area, Point of Control, Tails, Range Extension).
Importance of Balance and Excess.
Importance of Point of Control and Value Area.
Market Profile Structure and Profile Distribution types.
Importance of single prints.
Understanding poor Structures, Poor Lows/Poor High, Weaker Low, Weaker High.
Importance of Anomalies and Emotional profile structure.
Importance of 45 degree line.
Importance of Failed Auction.
Importance of Spikes and Gaps.
Understanding the behavior of Market Participants.
Market Opening confidence Types.
Importance of One timeframing and the underlying market confidence.

Multi-timeframe Top Down Analysis (barcharts).
Multi-timeframe volume profile analysis.
How to understand Market Confidence for routine day trading or positional trading.
Market Profile Key Reference levels (Intraday & short-term).
Introduction to Trading Inventory.
Where trading money keep their stop-loss.
Identify Strong Auction Process and Weaker Auction Process.
Signature G2/G3 Patterns, R-PPOC levels, AB Poor lows.
Look above the balance and fail, Look above the balance and accelerate.
How to prepare for a trading day(Top Down analysis, Pre Market Analysis).
Checklist for Day Trading preparation, Key levels to monitor).
Initiative Vs Responsive Auctions.
How to spot acceptance/rejection at key reference levels.

30+ Intraday Trading Techniques.
Market Profile Positional Trading techniques.
Top/Bottom Formation Setups.
Short Covering/Long Liquidation Patterns.
How to think from Exponential odds.
How to manage risk while taking a view using market profile.
Live Case Studies on Nifty/Bank Nifty and Top Nifty scrips.

Understanding Ninjatader 8 and Datafeeds.
Understanding Ninjatrader 8 settings.
How to setups charts and optimal TPO size.
Bell Market Profile Pro and Bell Market Profile Ultimate Settings.
How to use Bell Market Profile Ultimate Scanners.
Learn to use Bell Dynamic Profile Settings.
How to use Bell Trend Analyzer along with G2/G3 patterns.

Basic Building Blocks of Orderflow, Delta, Cumulative Delta
Different representation of Orderflow views and its importance
Features of Bell Orderflow Ultimate and Settings
The commitment of Traders and Contract Reversals Explained
Types of Data Vendors and their data formats
Difference between Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Tick by Tick Feed
How Orderflow is plotted using uptick/downtick or BidxAsk methods
Difference between Orderflow and Bookmap
Introduction to Market Depth 101
Difference between liquidity and volume
How high liquidity and low liquidity affects the markets
What to Interpret from High volume nodes and Low volume nodes
Institutional Execution strategies
Principles of Orderflow
Importance of Stacked Momentum Buyers

How Smart money positioning and Unwind their positions
How to spot stop-hunting / Where most traders keep their stoploss
How to Identify Initiative Drive and Absorption auctions
How to Identify Trend reversals for scalping using orderflow
How to Identify very short term support and resistance levels
How to Identify failed breakout trading strategies for Intraday trading
How to Identify trend breakout trading strategies for Intraday trading
Momentum Trading and Momentum Exhaustion Trading Patterns
How to combine momentum exhaustion with Delta Divergence
Spotting Cumulative Delta Divergence
How to Identify Trapped Buyers or Trapped Sellers from Orderflow
How to make use of Unfinished business concepts
How to interpret R-Delta and MR – Signals from Orderflow
Which timeframe to use in Orderflow for scalping/intraday trading
Trading notes and Best Orderflow trading practices


Week 1 06th - 12th July - 2019

06th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Introduction to Market Profile and Basic Building Blocks.

Market Profile Trading References and Understanding Market Participation.

07th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

How to Measure Market Confidence, Profile Distribution and Open Types, How To measure Trading Inventory.

08th - 12th Jul 2019 (09.30AM-10.30AM)

Live Training Session in Market Profile with Live Commentry.

Week 2 13th - 19th July - 2019

13th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Market Profile Trade Setups(Intraday and Positional).

Market Profile - Trading Worksheet.

14th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Introduction to Order Flow Basics.

15th - 19th Jul 2019 (09.30AM-10.30AM)

Live Training Session in Market Profile with Live Commentry.

Week 3 20th - 26th July - 2019

20th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Understanding Market Profile References.

Understanding G2/G3 References.

22th - 26th Jul 2019 (09.30AM-10.30AM)

Live Training Session in Market Profile with Live Commentry.

Week 4 27th July - 02nd August - 2019

27th Jul 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Orderflow Trading Strategies.

What to Observe from Orderflow Charts.

29th Jul - 02nd Aug 2019 (09.30AM-10.30AM)

Live Training Session in Market Profile with Live Commentry.

Week 5 03rd - 04th August - 2019

03rd Aug 2019 (10AM-1PM - 2PM-5PM)

Case Studies on Market Profile and Orderflow

04th Aug 2019 (09.30AM-10.30AM)

Live Training Session in Market Profile with Live Commentry.

About Rajandran

Mr.Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders ,professional traders to individual traders.

Rajandran attended college in the Chennai where he earned a BE in Electronics and Communications. Rajandran has a broad understanding of trading softwares like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Esignal, Metastock, Motivewave, Market Analyst(Optuma), Metatrader, Tradingivew,Python and understands individual needs of traders and investors utilizing a wide range of methodologies.

Rajandran Marketcalls



Tradezilla 2.0 is an institutional grade mentorship program for active traders who want to master their trading skills using Market Profile and Orderflow..
Market Profile and Orderflow are Institutional grade visualization tools which explain what kind of trading behavior is happening in the markets, how the interaction between buyers and sellers happens. By studying the information generated by Market Profile and Orderflow one will be able to position better in changing market dynamics and will be able to handle any market situations/ market instruments.
We use Market Profile to read primarily the Market Generated information in the form of Profile Distribution. By reading the profile distribution one will be able to calibrate
- How intraday players and short term traders drive the auctions
- How long term players drive the auctions
- what is the current market confidence exhibited by the market participants
- where the short term or intraday players are positioned in the markets
- Possible short covering and long liquidation auctions
- Potential top/bottom setup patterns
- differentiate strong auctions vs weaker auctions
- How one can spot fresh money entering into the system and old money exit their positions
- How weaker hands get into a trap. What are the possible trade locations where they get into a trap
We use orderflow to visualize market orders. It is a study about how interaction between market buy orders and market sell orders happen at each and every price level.
By reading the orderflow information one will be able to calibrate
- Where momentum buyers/sellers are stepping in
- Where trend exhaustion/momentum exhaustion is happening
- How to read Big Orders generated during market hours
- How Breakout Failure happens (Volume patterns which explains breakout failure)
- How successful breakout happens (volume patterns which explains succesful breakout patterns)
- How Institutional Orderflow happens (Iceberg, VWAP, TWAP, Liquidity seeker...etc)
- Trend Reversal Setups or Trend continuation patterns
- Good understanding about Market Liquidity and Volatility
- Better visualization of how stops get triggerred
- Deriving dynamic key resistance and support levels for intraday scalping
- How momentum reversals happens in the market
Both Market Profile and Orderflow are highly intensive subjects. It will take 1 month to learn and approximately 3-6 months of practice to get used to the newer information generated from Market Profile and Orderflow and More the screen time one is going to have, better their trading decisions are. It is more of skill-based trading.
Both Market Profile and Orderflow are highly intensive subjects. It will take 1 month to learn and approximately 3-6 months of practice to get used to the newer information generated from Market Profile and Orderflow and More the screen time one is going to have, better their trading decisions are. It is more of skill-based trading.
Live market training sessions are mostly focused on
- How to prepare for the trading day
- High probable auction behavior towards Key reference levels
- Deriving the context from market generated information
- Spot trade locations with low-risk trade entries
- How to analyze Nifty and Bank Nifty using Market Profile and Orderflow
- How to analyze stock futures using Market Profile and Orderflow charts
Both Market Profile/Orderflow is a skill-based market reading. One will acquire greater skill only he is able to give a time commitment to learn & practice.
Deeper practice gives the ability to decode newer information and ability to sense changing market dynamics much faster and responding to the changing market information.
Higher success ratio is purely skill based and requires a good screentime practice.
Trading decisions are categorized into three

- Pre Market Analysis
- Live Analysis
- Post Market Analysis

Most of the trading decisions arrive during live market hours which requires frequent monitoring of markets.
Pre Market analysis and Post market analysis helps traders to derive context, understand the trading nuances and gives the ability to think in terms of odds.
Yes, all the videos are recorded and the access will be provided for One year.

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